What to Do If...


One of the instructions you may be given in an emergency is to shelter-in-place. This means you should stay indoors until authorities tell you it is safe or you are told to evacuate.


The City’s Outdoor Warning System is designed to alert residents and emergency responders about possible danger.

There is a one cycle siren test at noon Monday through Saturday

There is a multiple cycle siren one hour before the Fire & Ambulance Training Meetings on Monday nights.

If you hear the multiple cycle siren at a time other than its regular tests at noon or on Monday:


A local earthquake may generate tsunami waves that can reach shore in minutes. If you are on the beach or other low-lying area close to the ocean or bay, immediately evacuate by walking to higher ground if:

  • Officials issue a tsunami warning and order evacuations; 
  • You hear the Outdoor Warning System (and it’s not Tuesday at Noon);
  • The earth shakes so much that you can’t stand;
  • Shaking lasts longer than 20 seconds; and/or
  • You notice water receding from the shoreline.


If your smoke alarm goes off or you see a fire:

Power Outage

Power cuts can occur due to rolling blackouts, extreme weather conditions, or can accompany other disasters such as earthquakes. If there is no power in your neighborhood:


Immediate risk:
If you smell gas, smoke or see fire or otherwise fear for your safety, evacuate household occupants immediately.  From a safe location, call 9-1-1 and report the incident.

General evacuation orders:
If local officials issue evacuation orders, use the evacuation routes and methods specified; carpool whenever possible. If time allows:

Contagious Disease

Contagious Disease Emergencies

A contagious disease emergency could affect many people. It could cause mild illness, hospitalization, or death in rare cases. In the event of an infectious disease emergency, the HVFD will provide up-to-date information and instructions to the public through media and public outreach sources.



Terrorism may involve devastating acts using weapons of mass destruction. These weapons range from chemical agents, biological hazards, a radiological or nuclear device, and other explosives. The primary objective of a terrorist is to create widespread fear.

Be Responsible:


Severe storms can cause landslides, flooding, uprooted trees, and downed utility lines.



If you are indoors when shaking starts:

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